Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trigger Thumb Part 2

Two-and-a-half of years ago (September 2008), I had my right thumb fixed – trigger thumb surgery. Since then, everything has been going hunky dory, the thumb no longer “pops” and it’s like nothing ever happened to it.
About two months ago, my left thumb began popping. Uh oh, I thought, here we go again.
As happened with the right side, the popping at first was a mere annoyance.

Then, just like the right side, it started getting painful. It reached the point where it hurt like the dickens every time my thumb flexed.
So yesterday, I had it operated on. My left hand is now all bundled up but I’m happy knowing that in a couple of weeks or so, it’ll be as though the trigger thumb never happened.
I can’t wait.

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