Monday, March 21, 2011

Initial Stitches

My left hand no longer looks as though it’s been wrapped up for arctic hitchhiking. The doctor removed the wrapping and checked out the operation site.
His verdict? All clear. A week from today, he’ll remove the stitches. See them? They’re those thin black fishing-line threads.
And notice the initials “RK” on the flat of the thumb? That’s the doctor’s initials. As part of the hospital’s procedures, he wrote them there to indicate he personally made sure he operated on the correct thumb.
And, see how the hand has an orange tint to it? That’s because they swabbed Betadine all over the hand from fingertips to ‘way past the wrist before operating. Prevents infection.
Safety and accuracy first. I like that.

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casch said...

I can remember them asking ME to tell them a) which surgery I was having b) which side. . . BUT I didn't get an autograph!