Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Email Domains and You

Okay, this is interesting. Hunch, a website that says it “personalizes" the Internet, claims that your choice of an email domain says a heck of a lot about you.
To summarize:
Gmail: Average users are career-oriented, college-educated, single, city dwellers. They generally travel a lot and are politically liberal. Mostly, they’re thin young men who are single and childless. They are urbanites and have traveled a lot – to five or more countries. They mostly read blogs, have an iPhone, MP3 player(s) and laptop. They wear t-shirts and jeans at home and like salty snacks.
Hotmail: Age-wise, users compare to Gmail users, but they are generally female suburbanites who straddle the fence politically. They’re usually women 18-34, are high school graduates, read mags and contemporary fiction. They have a laptop and MP3 player(s) but don’t have DVRs. They lounge around in t -shirt and jeans and like sweet snacks.
AOL: Okay, if you use AOL, you’re not going to like this. Users tend to be overweight women in a long relationship, have children, and are age 35 to 64. They are politically middle of the road, live in suburbs and haven’t traveled outside the country. They read magazines, and have one to three DVRs attached to the home TVs. They lounge around in sweats. Optimistic extroverts, AOL users prefer sweet snacks.
Yahoo: Virtually identical to AOL users, they tend to be younger – ages 18 to 49. They are spiritual but not religious. Middle of the road politically, they have children and are in 1-5 year relationships. They are rural and haven’t traveled much. First priority is family. They read magazines, have computers and have 1-2 DVRs. At home, you can find them in pajamas eating sweet snacks.
So … my primary email account is on Hotmail, but I do have additional emails accounts on Gmail and Yahoo. What does that say about me? Seems I’m a mixed bag, huh?
Okay, since my primary account is at Hotmail, let’s see … I used to be career oriented until I retired, got my graduate degree, lived in cities and suburbs, have travelled a lot, read blogs, have a smart phone, MP3 player and a laptop. I use my DVR, I don’t read magazines any more, I wear a t-shirt and shorts at home, I like salty and sweet snacks. I’m basically an introvert who can be extroverted when the occasion calls for it.
Hmmm … Seems I have all the characteristics (except for femininity and thinness) of all these email domains.
No wonder I’m confused all the time!

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casch said...

LOL!! Craig, you are either all mixed up or able to fit in anywhere! That's what I think~adaptable and easy going, easy to adapt to any situation, social or academic.

No, I've never done a personality assessment previously, but I bet I'm right on. :)