Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Bread Code

Did you know the color of the plastic tag or twist-tie used on your loaf of bread tells you what day of the week the bread was baked?
Yep, it does, and it’s even been confirmed by And here’s the scoop:
·    Monday: Blue
·    Tuesday: Green
·    Thursday: Red
·    Friday: White
·    Saturday: Yellow

This was reported on Hawaii’s local news yesterday, but really, folks, all that proves once again is that Hawaii is so way behind the times. This is old news – ran a sample email inquiry about this 10 years ago.
So … is this bread code thing a big deal? You may think so, but the bakers remove bread from the shelves regularly, and the code actually is used to determine which loaves should be removed. Any bread you buy won’t be more than a couple of days old anyway.
Plus … it’s not an industry standard – the colors may change in your area.
Still, if it makes you feel smarter, then use it!

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