Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beautiful Orchid Experience

Concluding on Sunday (tomorrow), the Honolulu Orchid Society’s annual show at the McKinley High School Cafetorium continues to impress orchid lovers and … me.

The wife and I attended the show on opening day yesterday and had a visual feast of gorgeous and perfect examples of the craft. I went a little overboard with my camera, and would have taken more pictures. But if I did, I’d still be there, or would have to go back today.

But, as much as I enjoyed the spectacular exhibition, I do not want to repeat the experience at this time. Why? Because the weather in Honolulu is more late-summerish than fall – hot (near or at 90 degrees) and humid (I’d guess 80%). Which, I would guess, makes it great weather for the orchid plants.

The McKinley High School cafetorium is small, not air conditioned, and air circulation is slightly above "tolerable." The last Honolulu Orchid Society show I attended was two years ago, at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall, which is large, spacious, and air conditioned. I guess budget has become a concern, and I don’t blame the orchid enthusiasts.

But there was a bonus – the Honolulu Aquarium Society had its annual exhibition at McKinley, right around the corner near the parking lot. So it was nice to see some of Hawaii’s top aquarium fishes up close and personal.

Here are a few of the pictures I took yesterday:

Great Variety of Beautiful Flowers

Orchids, Orchids, and More Orchids

The Vendors' Area

Best Vanda and Best in Show

"Black Prince"

"Blue Heaven"

"Hilo Gold"


Rebecca said...

Great pics! I think the Hilo Gold is my favorite.

Craig Miyamoto said...

Thanks, Rebecca. The rest of the pictures are posted in my Facebook page.