Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spam and Eggs Breakfast

It's the all-Hawaii breakfast. Spam and eggs. So much so that many years ago, the Hawaii McDonald's franchises became the first fast food chain to serve a local menu, including Spam and eggs with rice.

Burger King has entered the fray and is now advertising its Hawaiian breakfast sandwich with Spam, eggs and cheese on a croissant, as well as a Spam Platter with Spam, scrambled eggs and white rice.

I had Spam and eggs with rice for breakfast this morning. Made my own. And, I mush the over-easy eggs into the rice and season it with ketchup and shoyu. When he was a little tyke, my #1 son used to call it "matoo eggs." We still call it that in our house.

There's only one thing better, and that's Spam and eggs with FRIED rice. Now that's a breakfast worthy of anticipation as my eyes slowly focus on the KHON morning news while I'm lying in bed trying to will my stomach to stop growling.


Sue said...

This is what I want for breakfast! Wonderful!!!

Berita Tercepat said...

nice post