Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bye Bye Website

Many years ago, I had my first taste of tiramisu, that heavenly Italian dessert that I've often described as "heaven in your mouth." It prompted me to start a website that eventually became the #1 source of tiramisu information in the whole world. Throughout the years, millions of people visited the site and posted their ratings of tiramisu they've had in restaurants.

The website's success started to impinge on my freedom, and I soon found myself spending a couple of hours EVERY DAY updating the information and responding to emails from readers. Eventually it kind of settled down to where I was only spending a couple of hours a week, and most recently, a couple of hours every three months or so.

Today, about a dozen years after I launched the website, tired of it all and after careful consideration, I completed the process of selling it to another devotee. And of that, I have some mixed feelings. It's like giving your child up for adoption after 10 years of warm, personal caring.

But it's done, and I wish the new owner well in his endeavour.

Keep visiting and watch alongside of me with interest he makes his improvements.


Sue said...

Your tiramisu site was awesome! I'll be sure to keep watch.

Rebecca said...

I love tiramisu! Any hint on where to get the absolute best ever?

Bevlove said...

I have always enjoyed your tiramisu website and often would order this heavenly dessert while on vacation, just so I could leave a comment on your website from places around the world.

I wish the new owner much success, but I will always know it first belong to you.

Toyoki said...

Rebecca, the very best I've ever had has been in Chicago. The first was at Carlucci, 2215 N. Halsted St., Chicago 60614-3624, phone (312) 281-1220, and the next was at Sorrisso, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago 60654, phone (312) 644-0283 alongside the Chicago River.

Rebecca said...

Excellent! I'll have to try it next time I'm there.