Thursday, September 11, 2008


I see You in the world surrounding me,
You fill my soul with wonder every day.
It is as though You want us all to know
How wonderful the beauty You convey.

I see You in the branch that reaches out,
Supportive of the leaves that gather light.
You bring the nourishment to all who want,
Work never ends from dawn to quiet night.

I see You in the rock that lies beside
The dusty road that carries me to Thee.
So full of strength on which Your home is built,
You resolutely hold the humble key.

I see You in the cloud that tumbles by,
The pure white softness simply melts my heart.
Like cotton rolling ‘cross an azure sky,
Your smile sustains me when we are apart.

I see You in the drop of rain that falls
To splash upon my face when it turns high.
You kiss my cheek and bring a smile to fore,
Your drops elicit such a sweet reply.

I see You in the golden sun that dawns,
And passes o’er me as the day does age.
When Sol turns crimson at the end of day,
I close Your book and mark the future page.

I see You everywhere in everything
That You’ve created for Your children to share.
I see You when my eyes do gaze upon
Most anything appearing anywhere.

(I wrote this poem in 2004.)


Bevlove said...

This is one of my favorite poems. So lovely.

Sue said...

Thanks Craig, for the beautiful poem. It's just what I needed.

Toyoki said...

Thanks Bev and Sue. I don't often express my religious thoughts out loud, but I do honor the Father daily.

Bevlove said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your muse returns.I'm looking forward to reading more of your beautiful poems.