Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Butterfly

How lovely the scent that wafts in the breeze –
It beckons the butterfly, whispers, “Oh please
Come partake of this wonderful nectar inside,
Brush wings on petals, you won’t be denied.”

Consumed by the need to probe for the sweet,
The Monarch will hover, decision complete,
Committed to tasting the flavor desired,
A tongue flickers forth, its mission inspired.

Diaphanous touches cause dew to release,
Soft brushings of wings on petals increase.
Light as a feather on precipitous perch,
It sighs in relief, having ended its search.

The petals of rose spread wide and suggest
A union of flower and butterfly blessed,
Lo, the butterfly drinks through petals a-quiver
In concert with wings that shimmer and shiver.

I am the butterfly, she is the flower,
We meet in the garden, in pale misty shower
That kisses the cheek and moistens the eyes,
Then parting, I lift myself back to the skies.

(I wrote this poem in 2004 one night when I was in a very good mood.)


Anonymous said...

Geez, this is beautiful! You have this published!

Anonymous said...

correcting a typo~~You SHOULD have this published!

Sorry, I'm so clumsy.

Bevlove said...

As you well know, this is my favorite of all the poems you have written. I think it always will be.