Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Pharmacy Run

I should buy stock in Costco. Every couple of weeks or so, I head on over to the Dole Cannery store and leave a sizeable chunk of hard-earned cash there, much of it in the pharmacy, as I am the appointed family "drug runner."

They love me there. Not because I spend a lot, but because I bring them a printed list of each person's requirements, noting the name of the medicine, dosage, number of refills remaining, and that date the prescription expires. They beam when they see me coming with the list in hand, they beam when they see me standing in the pick-up line 45 minutes later, and they beam when they hand me the meds.

The only problem with the "pharmacy run" is that they need time to fill the prescriptions. And that takes at least 45 minutes. Have you ever spent 45 minutes in Costco? That is soooo hazardous to your health and pocketbook. I'm always spending too much money as I wander the aisles, constantly checking my watch to see if the 45 minutes are up.

And the cart gets heavier and heavier and more difficult to push and steer. The worst is when wifey asks me to get a couple of cases of bottled water to sell at the family deli. I'd like to get them last, but those things need to go at the bottom of the pile. You can't put them on the top. And sliding them into the bottom rack can do wonders for your back.

I did it today. And I need a back massage!

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Bevlove said...

I know at times Costco seems like your home away from home since you spend much of your time there. It doesn't take long for you to walk out with empty pockets.