Monday, September 15, 2008

Pearls of the Sea

Diamonds are nice, they sparkle like ice;
They show off their fire, they inspire desire;
They come from below,
Compressed and deep,
Hidden from view
Their secrets they keep.

Emeralds are green, their beauty serene;
They give off a glow, they just seem to know
That we love to have
What they offer today –
Inspiring our words,
Fulfilling our play.

Rubies burn bright, they heat up the light;
Scarlet, cerise … they draw us with ease
Into magic romance
Of silver and gold.
While images promise
And wonders behold.

But pearls – oh the pearls.

Pearls have a luster that transcends the cold,
An essence of shimmer and global perfection;
Created by Him from natural life
To inspire emotion and inner reflection.

Far deep in the brine their colors do hide –
Pure white as the clouds, pink as the rose,
Black as the night, blue as the sky …
Their glory so secret, ‘til found they repose.

When brought to the light, a pearl will reveal
Its innermost beauty, its special appeal.
I’ve seen what it offers, I love what I see –
My lady, my pearl, my loving … and me.

(I wrote this in 2004, at a time when I was buying loose gemstones on eBay.)


Bevlove said...

..."to inspire emotion and inner reflection" ...

Yes, indeed ... they certainly do, Craig. Who wouldn't want to own something so beautiful as pearls?

Rebecca said...

I always thought 'a pearl beyond price' was such a lovely compliment.