Friday, September 12, 2008

Must Football Prevail?

Tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008) is a busy day for me. Not only do the USC Trojans take on Ohio State in the college football game of the week, I also have to set up at my stamp and coin dealer association's bourse (dealer market).

The bourse commitment was made early in the year when I paid my table fees for the 2008 set of shows, so I feel a financial responsibility to make use of my pre-paid fee. One thing that concerns is that this September show comes fast on the heels of an August show in which I participated three weeks ago. I'm a little concerned that sales might be down because of this. If I recall last year, the Saturday shows didn't draw very well during the college football season.

And on top of this, I've been a USC football fan since I attended my first game in the LA Coliseum in 1964 and watched Mike Garrett (now USC's athletic director) tear off long runs through Notre Dame, upstaging their eventual Heisman Trophy winner, John Huarte.

The Trojan game will be on ABC right smack dab in the afternoon portion of the stamp and coin show. If I stay at the show until it ends, I won't get home until the second half starts. I just might close up early and try to get home sometime in the first half. Unless there are customers at my table -- then, money talks!

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Bevlove said...

Oh the things we do for the love of football. We once told a niece of ours if she scheduled her wedding during the FL/TN game, we wouldn't be able to attend. She changed her wedding date to the week after.

Good luck this Saturday to your #1 Trojans. You guys are going to blow Ohio State away!