Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Unpleasant Car Rental Experience #2

What? Another unpleasant car-rental experience? What was the first one anyway? Well, if you'll recall, it was the flat tire on the morning we were to drive to Oakland early in the morning to catch our flight. That's the trip where I fell and skinned my knee earlier, and caught a nasty cold.

This second time wasn't so nice either. Our 2016 Ford Fiesta rental from Hertz had its rear window shattered by someone or something on the day we were to drive to Oakland for the night before our flight out the next morning.

It must have been karma that I forgot to take a picture of the rental car as I usually do.

Anyway, the rear window was "spider-webbed" and fell into a million pieces when I closed the hatchback over our luggage.

Good think the Fremont Hertz rental office was a few miles away, close enough that I could drive there, albeit quite self-consciously. The agent was very accommodating and got us fixed up with an exchange without further ado.

We were assigned a 2016 Ford Focus (picture above), which almost looked like the Ford Fiesta.

Two things of note:

1. On our way to the freeway on-ramp, a train pulled into the Fremont Depot just down the street from the Hertz office, stopping traffic for about 15 minutes while passengers jumped off and on the passenger-car that stuck out into Fremont Boulevard. Good thing I wasn't in a rush.

2. That night, when I went to fill the gas tank, I thought I'd lost the gas cap. As it turns out, it's one of those cars without a gas tank cap. What a relief when I figured it out.

I think I've had enough car rental adventures to last me a lifetime.


Sue Stewart said...

Not an experience you want again!!!

Craig Miyamoto said...

Definitely not! Got my fingers crossed.

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