Monday, May 23, 2016

Silliman Activity Center and Water Park

We recently had the opportunity to help our grandson, who reached the ripe young age of 7, celebrate his birthday with first-grade classmates.

This year, he hosted them at the Silliman Activity Center and Water Park in Newark, California, a modestly short drive from Fremont, where his family resides.

The Center/Park is pretty impressive. The party itself was held in a terrific little “classroom” with brightly painted walls, tables, chairs and games. From moment one, the kids went wild and joined in the play activities.

After a pizza lunch, we all headed down the hall to the water park. All of the kids plunged into the water, joining the hundred or so kids already there. The parents and hosts had to scramble around trying to keep track of where the youngsters were. It wouldn’t do to have a disaster (although, there were lots of lifeguards around keeping things from getting out of hand).

If I said there were lots of spectacular things to do in the water park, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. It’s amazing, with large slides, a lazy circuitous river, spa, open lap pool, and a kid’s activity pool. We had a special cabana area set aside on the periphery.

Better than talk … pictures!

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