Saturday, February 21, 2015

JFK Experience

... As in "Just Fuhgeddaboudit, Kiddo."

While driving along the Las Vegas Strip, heading back downtown from a buying expedition at Fry's Electronics, I saw this mock-up of President John F. Kennedy's Air Force One. I tried to take a photo from the car, but that didn't work out.

When I got back to my hotel room, I Googled it on my iPad and discovered there was an exhibition of JFK stuff at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.

The memorabilia, which includes two Presidential limos, a number of Jacqueline Kennedy's formal gowns, and oodles and oodles of JFK's campaign ribbons and buttons. Is a small portion of presidential enthusiast Jim Warlick's collection.

The next day, I went to the Tropicana, took a picture of Air Force One, then headed inside to find the exhibit. I figured it was in the same place where I had seen "The Human Body" and "Titanic" exhibitions several years ago. Without thinking much of it, I began my long trudge.

Now, the day before, and earlier that same day, I'd done a lot of walking, and by the time I found the place, I must have walked at least a quarter mile in my search. My feet hurt, and my legs, hips and lower back were killing me. Not only that, there's a long stairway to negotiate before you get to the entrance.

So I get there, and the guy sitting at the entrance table tells me I have to buy my ticket at the "Show Tickets" booth 'way back where I'd started from. I ask the price. It's $24.95, or $19.95 for local residents (whom we call "kamaaina" in Hawaii) and seniors (like me).

What if, I offer, I just give him $25 (forget the senior price). Would he let me in? He just smiled faintly. I told him if I have to walk back to get a ticket, I'm not coming back. Didn't faze him in the least. I took a peek inside and saw how sparse the exhibit looked, turned on my sore heels, and went back the way I came.

Then I played a deuces-wild poker slot at the Tropicana casino and won $50. Poetic justice, no?

I kid you not.

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