Monday, February 23, 2015

Don't Let Kids Your See This

Moms and Dads, cover your kids' eyes. Right now. Do it. Because if you don't, you can't blame me, because I tried to warn you. In fact, if certain words offend you, turn the page right now and check out someone else's blog.

Or, come back tomorrow when things aren't quite so objectionable.

I have something to show you, something that takes an advertising catch phrase and turns it into adult memorabilia.

I found this tee-shirt in Las Vegas and almost bought it, but I'm sure the wife would have kicked me out of the house, and I like having a place to eat, sleep, and watch TV. So I passed it up.

But I did take a picture of it so I would never forget it.

One of the words is objectionable to a large portion of the populace, so I fuzzed it out. Well, not entirely, but at least it's fuzzy.

Are you ready? Got milk? Got beer?

Here ya go (you're sure the kids are out of the room, right?)



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