Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Peed On An Icon

I took a pee on an icon of the Cold War.

A section of the Berlin Wall is installed in the men's room of the Main Street Station Hotel, Brewery and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. I've seen it there before, but hadn't taken any pictures of it before this.

There's a plaque that you can read while peeing at the wall: "Erected August 13, 1961; Demolished November 9, 1989; 12' high, 18" thick, 27.5 miles long. Over 100 people were killed trying to escape to freedom, flew over it, dove through it, climbed over it, & even tunneled under it."

The plaque is flanked by photos of the wall as it was seen separating East and West Berlin in the heart of Germany. Can you believe it's the most popular attraction at Main Street? And remember, only men can go into the restroom.

I'd like to say I got tremendous satisfaction in taking a pee there, but I have to say that my biggest pleasure came from the physical act of emptying my bladder.

Still, if you're a guy and you haven't seen it, go there, take a look, and whisper, "Take that, you commies."

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