Tuesday, February 3, 2015

12 Things I Learned Watching Super Bowl XLIX

  1. XLIX always brings ExLax to mind. Gotta figure out why this sticks with me.
  2. When your grandson calls to FaceTime with you to announce what he wants for his birthday, you put the game on pause even if a touchdown is imminent.
  3. The fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise – Jurassic World – will open in theaters on June 12. I knew this was on the way; there were rumblings about this dino-sequel filming in Hawaii.
  4. Local commercials utilizing the "shaka" sign look amateurish and stupid.
  5. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch is tough to bring down. Well, okay, I knew that already, but it sure was fun watching him carry tacklers with him.
  6. Pierce Brosnan loves fireworks and gets to keep the car.
  7. I wasn't a Katie Perry fan. I really didn't even know who she was until I saw her in the Super Bowl Pepsi halftime show. I'm still not a fan, but the staging was spectacular.
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back as the terminator from the future in Terminator Genisys, opening in theaters on July 1. This makes what ... Number 5?
  9. Woodie Guthrie's 1940 song, "This Land is Your Land" turns into a heart song when the tempo is halved and it's sung to a soft acoustic guitar. It makes me want to buy a Jeep Renegade.
  10. A blue pill will do wonders for a Fiat X that wants to get ... er, bigger.
  11. Vin Diesel joins up with Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodrigues and Paul Walker in Furious 7, opening on April 3. Wait. Didn't Walker die over a year ago?
  12. The whole two-week "Deflategate" thing was stupid, stupid, stupid, and the Patriots haters didn't get their wish as it did not affect New England's game in the least. It may have weighed heavily on their minds, but the game didn't suffer in the end.

Funny, isn't it, how most of these involve commercials?

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