Friday, February 13, 2015

Another Wizard of Oz Jackpot

I've always had small luck on the Wizard of Oz slot machines in Las Vegas. During my last trip, I hit a small jackpot on the Wizard's Ruby Slippers machine at the Palazzo Hotel & Casino.

The best part about hitting these is that the magic chair you're sitting on begins playing songs from the movie, prompting you and those around you who can hear to do chair-dancing (me) or toe-tapping (them).

The jackpot is a big deal; this last time, I won 19,560 credits. Unfortunately it's a penny machine and you gotta bet $4.80 to win the bonuses, so that doesn't amount to an awful lot of money. Still, it's fun, and you can't buy much fun elsewhere for a bunch of pennies, can you?

But y'know, it was enough to buy a classy steak dinner that night and still have a $100 bill left over.

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