Monday, December 2, 2013

University of Hawaii Football: It's Kind of Pathetic

Honolulu Star-Advertiser Photo
The University of Hawaii football team is rather pathetic this year. But y'know, they finally won a game, their last of the season, when they beat Army 49-42 on Saturday night.

The Rainbow Warriors did the deed in Aloha Stadium, where in times of glory past, very good football teams from powerhouse conferences across the nation have come to bask in the sunshine, party on the beach, and lose to the University of Hawaii.

No more. The team is rather pathetic this year, or should I say was? Coach Norm Chow is probably going to be given a pass this year, but unless he improves on his miserable two-year 4-20 record, he'll likely be history and join an ever-growing list of coaches who couldn't perform even at Hawaii's low level.

And that's what makes the picture above so pathetic ... that winning the last game of the season to avert a total shutout could elicit such happiness and joy.


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