Friday, December 20, 2013

A Las Vegas Non-Complaint

After all the complaining I've done the past few days about my recent trip to Las Vegas, it's only proper that I write a "non-complaint" blog entry. So, being the dutiful scribe that I am, here goes.

I hit another little jackpot on MegaBucks again. This makes three times in the past couple of years. The jackpots are getting smaller, but at least I'm able to walk away from Sin City either even or in the good. This time, my $720 jackpot brought me up even for the trip, paying for some Christmas presents and restoring my gaming fund, which had been slightly depleted.

The only thing about these small jackpots is it has to reduce the chances of my hitting the big one, which at the time I played had reached  $10.2 million.

Oh well, there's always next time, right?

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