Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Difference Between 'Lie' and 'Lay'

Big Nate Comic Strip, May 1, 2013
Big Nate can't stand being overly corrected. I get that. But really now, shouldn't people know the difference between "lie" and "lay"? His best friend, Francis "Butthurst" Pope knows the difference, but unfortunately, he's trying too hard to explain it.

Actually, it's not that hard, and Butthurst explains it very well. Good thing he didn't get into the various tenses of the two words. That's when it gets complicated.

What me to explain it? Okay, here goes ... *ahem* ... The past tense of "lay" is "laid." But "laid" is also the past participle. The present participle is "laying." Got that? Okay, now the past tense of "lie" is "lay," the past participle is "lain," and the present participle is "lain." Got that? Good.

What do you mean, "What's a past participle?"?


casch said...

Ok, now you've even confused me! LOL!

P.S. easiest way to remember (excluding past participles). People lie, objects lay. Not that you didn't know this, you understand! :)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Heheheh, Carolyn, English can be sooo confusing!

~ Craig