Friday, February 15, 2013

Going to the Chapel and I'm ... Going to Get Married

Conversations overheard near the Tuscany Suites meeting rooms in Las Vegas:

Bride: Where IS he, anyway?
Bride's Mother: He'd better show up. Does he know where the wedding chapel is?
Bride: I told him it's on the second floor, past the meeting rooms on the right.
Bride's Mother: He does know it's today, doesn't he? (Looking at watch) He's already five minutes late.
Bride: Of course he does. I talked to him this morning!
Bride's Mother: *$%^#&%!

Groom: Okay, where is she? I've been waiting her for a half hour already?
Best Man: Why did they build the wedding chappel in the men's room? I don't see no altar or nothing here 'cept toilets!
Groom: *$%^#&%!

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