Monday, February 25, 2013

A Silent (Auction) Night

One of the Auction Tents. That's Brother-In-Law Warren on the Right
This past Saturday night was interesting ... the wife and I went to a silent auction and testimonial dinner honoring the soon-to-be-retiring Head of Hanahauoli School, where my eldest son spent his elementary school years.
Get this: We drove across the street from our house to a valet area at Punahou School (less than half a mile), only to take a shuttle bus to Hanahauoli School. The bus itself took a round-about route and because the school is close to where we live, we probably could have walked to Hanahauoli faster than it took to take the shuttle.
But the thing is, our house is on a hill with a very steep access street, and it was a rainy night. No way in hell were we going to walk in the rain, then bust our patooties walking up the hill late in the dark.
Sony Cyber-Shot Camera: $200 Value, Open at $60, I Bid $160, Didn't Get It
The event itself was nice. I did get to see some very interesting, intriguing, classy and desirable items, services and travel options on the block. Nothing really appealed to me, at least nothing I'd like to have around the house, so I bid on only one item, a brand-new Sony Cyber-Shot camera that just came on the market this month.
Small Area of the Dinner Tent
Dinner was interesting. It was in a big tent, which was fine. It rained. It downpoured. The heavens opened up. Yet, we remained dry, despite huge seam leaks and garbage buckets filling up with downflow, despite water running around our shoes. We survived to enjoy the nice buffet and stand a few times in ovation when the honored guest was on stage.
I met several friends whom I hadn't seen in ages: A former student who made me smile when he said he's always quoting me on something I said in class, a public relations counselor whom I've known for years, and a marketing director for KFC who used to be my client when I was with the ad agency. Very nice seeing them all again.
Thanks to my "cousin" Gary, whose two daughters attended Hanahauoli School, and who invited the wife and me to the dinner/auction.
Now ... here are some of the silent auction items that intrigued me:
"Hummingbirds Triptych" by Janet Marlette: $150 Value, Open at $45
Toto Toilets!
Gift Selections
Fresh Water Pearl Necklace: $3,000 Value, $3,600 Buy-It-Now, Open @ $540
Night-Blooming Cereus Photograph, Japanese Calligraphy
There were, of course, so many more items up for bid. But the battery on my smart phone was running low. So we caught the shuttle to the Punahou School valet parking area, got our car and drove across the street back to our house.

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