Saturday, January 30, 2010

Don’t Go Near the Water

If you’re in South Florida this time of year, take my advice – Don’t go in the water … especially around Singer Island.

You see, it’s time for the annual migration of spinner, reef, hammerhead, lemon, and bull sharks as they follow huge schools of fish along the coast.

The authorities have done the only sensible thing – they’ve closed the beaches. Smart move, as at times as many as a thousand (THOUSAND!) sharks can congregate in any given area.

It’s particularly dangerous during the mornings and late afternoons, because that’s when sharks normally put on their bibs, grab their knives and forks, and munch away during the twice-daily scheduled meals.

I can hear the Jaws music playing now.


casch said...

Looks rather scarey to me! Are those people in the water near the shore?

Craig Miyamoto said...

Yep ... but I hope they're beach personnel and not swimmers.