Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monkey on the Back

The “Craig Didn’t Watch USC on TV So They Lost” jinx has hit again.

I wasn’t able to watch the University of Southern California vs. the University of Oregon Pac 10 football game yesterday, and … the Trojans lost to the Ducks, 41-20 in Eugene.

You’ve heard me talk about this before. The only games they ever lose are the ones that I don’t get a chance to watch on TV.

Jinx, jinx, jinx! What a monkey on my back.

And speaking of monkeys on people’s backs, a cute little boy came walking by my table at the HSNA coin show yesterday wearing a monkey backpack. It seemed so appropriate and highly illustrative of the jinx I bear and the monkey on MY back.

The boy's parents were kind enough to let me take his picture from behind so I could share something cute with you.

. o O ( I might have to stop setting up at hobby collectibles shows during college football season in order to get MY monkey off MY back. )


casch said...

Perhaps you are taking too much on YOUR back!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have that backpack for my kids too. It's attached to a "leash" so active kids can't take off running. Although, I have to say, mom put it on backwards. The monkey is supposed to be looking over the boy's shoulder. But I that way is fine too! :-)