Monday, January 12, 2009

Computer Connection Problems

If you’ve missed seeing me here the past week or so, it’s because my computer and the Internet were trading punches and having it out at my expense.

I’ve had to do my Ebay transactions and emailing at Kinko’s temporarily.

One thing good came out of it, however. I’ve been wanting to renew my passport but have put off getting a new passport picture. Kinko’s offers that service, so I took care of THAT while there.

What was the problem? My cable modem had gone defective. So, I had to stand in line at the Oceanic Cable counter for an hour and a half until my number was called. The bottom line is that it was worth it and my Internet works again.

It feels good to be back online.


Montee said...

Welcome back!

Rebecca said...

We missed you! Good to have you back!

casch said...

Glad you're back!