Friday, January 23, 2009

ObaMAnia Silliness

Zippy’s, Honolulu’s famous coffee shop, jumped on the Obama-Mania (ObaMAnia) bandwagon this month by discounting their saimin soup (Zip Min) at a discount.

They discounted the soup $1.20 because the inauguration of President Barack Obama (being claimed as a hometown boy by the people of Hawaii) took place on Jan. 20 (1/20).

Their saimin soup is really very delicious, but this ObaMAnia thing in Hawaii is really getting silly.


casch said...

I'm already tired of the Obamania here too. It hought it was just me.

Montee said...

Yes, I am tired of all the carrying on too. I will say that around this part of Texas, there are not many Obamaniacs.