Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Are ...

A happy thought that brightens mind,
A smile that warms the face,
A jewel hidden I must find,
A song to mark my place.

A gentle touch that soothes the soul,
A whisper that I long for,
A presence that will make me whole,
A hand to open door.

A crystal drop that lights my heart,
A shiver of emotion,
An emptiness when we kiss and part,
An ocean of devotion.

(I wrote this little poem in November 2005.)


casch said...

You should publish these "Little Gems"~ I'm tellin' ya'!!

Very nice, very nice!

Bevlove said...

Awww ... I remember this poem. As always, you write the best poetry. You are very gifted, Craig.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! I agree with casch, you really should publish them.