Monday, November 10, 2008

A Monday Walk in the Park

The wife and I go for a long walk every Monday at Honolulu’s Waterfront Park in the Kakaako area. It’s one of the prettiest areas of the city, washed by a cool sea breeze and the sound of the surf hitting the sea rocks.

Today’s walk was additionally rewarding. In addition to the green grass and trees, the ocean and the sky, the surf was up. The area is also known as Point Panic and if you have an early evening dinner at John Dominis Restaurant, you can watch the surfers ride the waves. There’s no beach to land at, so they drop off their ride before they can crash on the sea wall of huge rocks.

I walked out to the end of a seawall to take this picture. That made me a little nervous; my balance isn’t all that it used to be when I was younger.

And, I finally was able to take a picture of a white cattle egret. Last week, we spotted three of them cavorting on the expansive lawn, following a riding lawn mower and snatching up the displaced insects in its wake. There was only one there today, but one was enough!

It was a fast bugger, and I couldn’t get closer than 20 feet or so before he’d scurry off on those long legs of his. Good thing my camera takes high megapixel photos so I can enlarge and crop the picture!


Bevlove said...

These are beautiful pictures, Craig. The white egret is beautiful. Great surfer picture.

Love going on your walk with you ... hugs.

Montee said...

That's so nice. There is nothing like the sound of the waves crashing. My best memories growing up, are the summers I spent at Surfside Beach, SC, falling asleep with the help of the soothing waves.