Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I’ll Have a Chili Moco, Please

I’m sure you’ve had one of those days when you woke up hungry and could almost taste a particular dish, then spent the next few hours wishing you could have it for breakfast or lunch.

That’s the way I woke up this morning – with a desire to have a chili moco for breakfast.

What the heck is a chili moco, you ask. It’s a variant of loco moco. And what the heck is a LOCO moco? Okay, I’ll tell you. Loco moco was born at KK’s Place in Hilo when I was in high school (early ‘60s) and has become a popular addition in most Hawaii restaurants. It’s a bowl of rice under a hamburger patty, smothered with brown gravy, and topped with one or two eggs done the way you want. Chili moco replaces the gravy with chili con carne.

So I went to Zippy’s for breakfast and ordered (I thought) a chili moco. Michelle brought me a loco moco. I told her I thought I’d ordered a chili moco. No problem she said, and brought the bowl back into the kitchen. Now, I probably HAD ordered loco moco in error, but she said she had misheard me. That was nice of her.

As I read my morning paper and sipped on my coffee, I could hear her telling the cook off and on to be careful with the eggs and don’t break the yolks ‘cause the guy who was on the TV news and first in line to get the flag stamps was the customer waiting for it.

The replacement was ready in a zippy. (Get it?) I’ve had my chili moco and all is well with the world.

Aren’t they nice at Zippy’s?


Bevlove said...

Hmmm ... no picture of Zippy's and the Chili Moco? It sounds good, but I think I could do without the eggs on top.

casch said...

They should be nice to you~I believe you are a very frequent customer. It has it's perks, doesn't it?

Toyoki said...

I think the gremlins ate the bowl of chili moco. Anyway, I've re-posted the picture.