Monday, November 24, 2008

Park Walk 'Unusualities'

On my Monday walks at Waterfront Park, I try to be on the lookout for unusual things and occurrences. There were a few today:

1. A rubbish barrel had tipped over in the strong sustained wind coming off the ocean today, and the wind was blowing the poly rubbish bag inside out like a huge balloon (see picture to the right). It normally wouldn’t have been doing that, but the bottom of the barrel had rusted away.

2. I saw one of the park's many feral cats lying on the walkway, rubbing its belly against the ground as it crawled forward. I guess it had fleas or some kind of unhealthy itch. Looked pretty strange. Y’know, I even forgot to take a picture of it.

3. There were a lot of plovers there today in the grassy expanses. I counted 17. Normally I’d only see about a dozen. Hmmmm, I wonder if the birds were playing a trick on me and relocating to another spot ahead of me after I’d counted them?

4. I found a pair of women’s soppy cotton panties (or maybe it was a little toddler’s pants) on the seawall. I picked it up with a branch and tossed it in the rubbish barrel (not the one with the “windsock” bag). Hope the owner didn’t want it back!


Bevlove said...

Ohhhh lordy, lordy, Craig. I don't know which was funnier to me ... the cat rubbing his belly against the ground or you tossing soppy panties in the rubbish barrel. Yep ... I got a visual ... LOL.

17 plovers, huh?

casch said...

Oh mercy!! What a picture this conjures up! lol