Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yummy Greasy Burger

Hamburger sandwiches always taste best when they're dripping greasy and falling apart while you're eating them.

I remember when I had my first In-N-Out burger in Rosemead, CA, back in the’70s before the corporation got ahold of it and caved in to appeal to the "eat more healthy" crowd.
Same thing with Fatburger's sandwich — it used to be so delicious until it too was changed to appease the "eat healthy" critics.

Not that they aren't delicious today, it's just that they were infinitely more delicious when I used to have the real thing.

So what's with all this reflective nostalgia? It's because I recently had my first Johnny Rockets burger in Las Vegas for the first time since the one at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf in (I believe) 2005. I had my mouth set for either a hamburger sandwich or a prime rib. None of the restaurants in Bally's or Paris offered prime rib, so I went for the burger.

My cute little Johnny Rockets counter waitress Andrea took good care of me, showing me all the attention and friendly service one would expect from a Johnny Rockets. As soon as my order was ready, she brought me a Bacon Cheese Burger, a half-onions-half-fries side order, and a huge refillable glass of Pepsi (wish they had Coca~Cola).

The burger was just as I remembered it — moist and coming apart in the bun. I swear it was drippy juicy, almost greasy in a way.

Now, that was an old-fashioned burger like I remember.

Did I make you hungry?

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