Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My New Roku-3

Remember the last time I visited family in Fremont, CA, and made full use of their Roku? Well, my son, bless his heart, got us two Roku-3s for Christmas and installed them soon-after so we could begin using them.

I already subscribed to Amazon Prime so I could get special pricing on ebooks and other stuff I bought on Amazon.com, but never used their Amazon Video service. Well, now I can ... and I have!

I also subscribed to Hulu so the wife can watch some Korean drama videos (remember how she hogged the Roku at my son's house on a previous trip?) on her own living room TV.

Each has its benefits: Amazon has a better selection of movies; Hulu has the Criterion Collection and Science Channel process-geek series (eg, "How is It Made," "How Do They Do Ii").

Most other channels require subscriptions, but I found at least two (FilmRise and Watch Free Flix) that offer free streaming of "discount dvd-type" old B- and C-movies. Mostly the movies suck, but at times if you find the right ones, they can be humorously entertaining.

Netflix is on my home screen because they're offering me a free trial, in hopes that I will subscribe. But for now, I think Amazon Prime and Hulu will suffice.

Yep, I'm now in Couch Potato Heaven.

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