Monday, January 25, 2016

Taxi Touch ‘n’ Pay

Las Vegas taxi companies are now trying to make it easier for you to pay your fare these days with talking touch screens on the back of the front passenger seat headrest.

A friendly voice advises: "If you can't see the screen, just touch the middle of the screen."

Wait ... what? If I can't see the screen. How can I aim my fingertip to its middle?

I suppose it's helpful if you want to charge the ride to a credit or debit card (the wife would have a total technophobic meltdown, however), but you have to proceed in an orderly fashion.

Nah. I'd rather just pay cash and ask for a receipt if I need one.

Besides, think of all the exotic worldwide germs thriving on the screen that came from passengers who didn't wash their hands. You're going to touch your finger to that?

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