Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Bellagio Conservatory Winter Floral Display

Bellaggio Lobby Christmas Trees
For some reason, I felt particularly overjoyed to view the winter display at the Bellagio Hotel this year. I dunno, I must have been in a very good mood.

The polar bears and penguins are back, but they added in some humongous animated transparent Christmas ornaments this year. The choo choo train is back, and that's always delightful. And the giant Christmas tree — who can be blasé about that


When I got there, they were working on freshening up some of the polar bear "flower fur" and the floral Christmas card. Or maybe they hadn't quite finished with their setting up. No matter; it was interesting to see them at work:

As usual, I took plenty of photos of everything else. Here are a few. Enjoy!


Finally, here are a few more from the Bellagio lobby:

Winter Whisper by Jeff Mitchum

I was feeling so good that I even helped a half-dozen couples who wanted their pictures taken together. Me — Santa's photo elf Craig. No wonder I visit Las Vegas annually in December.

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