Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Corral Almost Gave Me the Boot

When I got off the monorail ride from Bally's to the MGM Grand on my recent Vegas sojourn, I saw a lot of signs calling attention to the Boot Barn Christmas Corral at MGM's Conference Center.

Apparently, it was the MGM's homage to the National Finals Rodeo that was in town.
I decided to go to the sale, but about 10 minutes after I started walking from the casino to the Corral venue, I almost  skid to a stop in my walking shoes and turned around.
It was an incredibly long walk. But I hate to give up after investing so much time and energy in the effort.
So I kept on going, and going, and going, bumping into one sign after another with directional arrows directing me around corners, down long hallways, outside, and back inside again.
Well, instead of more jabber-complaints about my sore feet, let's just say I finally made it there.
If I were a boot-wearing man, I'd have been in boot heaven. But I'm not, and it wasn't (for me, anyway). Still it was a mighty interesting limping stroll I took around the exhibition hall, snapping away with my camera.
Here, look:
Actually, the best part was reaching the other end of the room, where the lovely young country singer, Kylie Frey, was performing on stage before a small audience. I took a seat, not just because my legs were pooped out, but because she was very good.
Despite not being an avid country music fan, I hung around for the rest of her set, looking up information on her on my mobile phone.
I was impressed to learn that her most recent recording — "Rodeo Man" — hit #25 on the Texas Regional Charts:
"Hey, Rodeo Man! I ain't the rope you hold in the palm of your hand; You can't hold on and let go when you feel the need; When you're done chasing buckles, won't you ride on home to me?"
In front of the stage was a roped off area where fake cowboys and cowgirls (adults and kids) were practicing their roping skills on sliding plastic calves.
That was a totally incongruous scene — a beautiful young woman singing her heart out to a bunch of pooped-out seniors, with the young people throwing noosed ropes at plastic cows.
Oh well, Ms. Frey's performance (and the free red Boot Barn plastic cup they gave me when I entered) was worth the long walk.

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