Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops

When I stayed at Bally's Hotel & Casino in 2014, the hotel was in the midst of constructing their Grand Bazaar Shops at the Las Vegas Strip entrance.
The artist's concept drawings looked so exciting that I decided to take advantage of a free-room offer this past December so I could check it out. 
You know what? Maybe it's because I went during the daytime, but it's no big deal; it hasn't got anything special that would classify it as an attraction. The little shops are the usual small mall shops, nothing that would draw me in. Plus the storefront designs are pretty sterile with hardly any character.
When I was in the Honolulu Jaycees and we put on the annual 50th State Fair, E.K. Fernandez Shows president Kane (KAH-nay) Fernandez explained the difference between "entertainment" and an "attraction." The first keeps attendees occupied while at the fair, the other actually draws people to the fair.
Sad to say, the Grand Bazaar Shops are entertainment, not an attraction. And not great entertainment either. People were just walking past the shops; I never saw anyone actually buying anything.
Take a look for yourself and see how empty the area is:

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