Monday, September 21, 2015

Where is Weed, Nevada?

The last time I visited Las Vegas, I did my usual stop at Trader Joe's on Decatur to get some of those delicious mini-biscotti that my mother-in-law loves. And, as usual, I picked up a few bottles of water.

I have no idea why, but I started reading the back label, and was curious to find that the water was bottled either in Olancha, Nevada, or Weed, Nevada, two odd-sounding places I'd never heard of.

So I looked them up. Especially Weed, which seemed like something I could write about in this blog.

There is no Olancha, Nevada. Olancha is actually a town in California, and it's where Crystal Geyser water is bottled. It's in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, not far from a hot springs called ... "Dirty Socks."

I could find nothing about Weed, Nevada, or Weed anywhere, for that matter.

The "Olancha" 06148 ZIP Code does not exist, and the "Weed" 06119 ZIP Code is actually in West Hartford, Connecticut.

All of this strikes me as being deceptive, no?


Anonymous said...

Funny I had the same musings this morning. I guess I'm a little slow. :-) Weed is actually a town in California.

Unknown said...

The numbers are coordinates for places in NV. Weed Heights and some fire station 88 in Nevada County