Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Inexpensive Watch

I have two good watches: A Rolex and an Accutron.

I don't care that much for the Rolex, because I either have to wear it all the time to keep it wound up, or I have to reset the time whenever I use it. But the wife says it give me class (and we all know how much of THAT I need).

So I put it aside to wear only on special occasions, because it's quite heavy.

I love my Accutron. It's slim, light, and runs on a battery. I only need to mess with it once every few months when the month has fewer than 31 days.

Unfortunately, it began running slow, so we took it to a jewelry shop watch repair person who replaced the battery. It worked good for a few months, then the battery died. We took it back to the jeweler, who toyed with it for a day or so, then returned it in running condition.

A couple of days later, it died again.

I always wear a watch when we go out of the house, so I went to Long's Drug Store (CVS Pharmacy) and shopped for a cheap one to tide me over for a while. I had a $10 coupon, found one I liked for $49.99 that was on sale ($10 off), used the coupon, and got a terrific bargain.

It's a solar-powered watch. All I need to do is get it in the light to continuously charge its batteries. See the tiny pattern on its face? Those are the solar thing-a-majigies that soak up the light. The bedroom light works well too.

This is the watch I wear now. The wife doesn't think I look classy any more.

The Rolex is still sleeping safely, and the Accutron's battery turned out to be old, having sat on the shelf too long before it was installed in my watch. It's since been replaced by a different watch repair store.

Tempus fugit.

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