Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Room at the Luxor

I've stayed at the Luxor in Las Vegas before – many years ago – when I was given a room in their big black pyramid. It’s a strange experience, with a slanted picture window where I’d bumped my head a couple of times when I got too close. The pyramid also has “inclinators” instead of elevators, because the ride is at an angle. Strange to experience.

This last time, in March, I got a room in their tower that’s attached to the pyramid. Instead of heading for an inclinator, guests at the towers have a fairly long walk to the left of the registration area pictured above. It’s not too bad and I could handle the walk easily.

Along the way, there’s a large area with life-sized animal carvings that I visited a couple of times during my stay there. Nice animals:

My room was very “lux,” as they are fond of saying at the Luxor, very lux indeed:

I had a good look at the Las Vegas Strip parking lot, and the stalled SkyVue ferris wheel construction across the way. Not too exciting, but what the heck, the room was free.

Finally, the bathroom amenities. It was the usual shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and bar of soap. I didn’t care for the bar soap’s scent, so I tried their pyramid soap. Like everything pyramidal at the Luxor, this one was unusual. You try taking a bath with a pyramid soap with its five points.

I will say one thing, though, those points sure do help when you’re trying to get certain difficult-to-reach places cleaned.

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