Wednesday, May 13, 2015

King Street Bike Lane Boondoggle Update

View from the Driver's Seat:
King Street at Rush Hour, Bumper to Bumper Traffic
Caused by the Boondoggle Bike Lane Off to the Left
See that? That’s King Street during the afternoon drive from downtown to where I turn left for home. Bumper to bumper all the way. Accident ahead? No. Pedestrians crossing? No. Bicyclists? Definitely no. The boondoggle bike lane? YES.

The last time I totaled up the number of bike riders I’ve seen in the $100,000.00 King Street bike lane, I think it was 11 or so. I hadn’t seen any since then because I’ve gone on a couple of trips and can’t remember the exact number, so let’s be fair and add a few. Let’s say I’ve seen 15. Fair enough?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity (?) to drive along King Street around 5 p.m. during the afternoon rush hour. I saw 15 bikers coming and going in the lane, so that should bring my total sightings up to 30.

Let’s see now, $100,000.00 cost, 30 bikers.

That brings the total cost per rider (according to my eyes) to $3,333.33. Still very expensive. Where are the hundreds of riders predicted by the bike lane supporters?

This is supposed to be a test project. In my humble opinion, our Mayor failed the test. Give us back the bike lane for our cars. Please?

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