Sunday, May 17, 2015

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

I See YOU! C'mon in!
On my last day of a recent trip to Las Vegas, I had beaucoup time before my plane flew out in the late afternoon to take me back to Hawaii.

So, I spent much of my day wandering around the Las Vegas Natural History Museum on Charleston, next to Cashman Field, where the Las Vegas 51s Triple A (Pacific Coast League) baseball team plays its games.

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution.

It's a great little museum, not real big, but full of interesting stuff - like taxidermy animals, water life, birds, reptiles and emphibians, dinosaurs, dioramas, fish and water life, a children's science area, and a terrific display of Egyptian artifacts and the life of King Tutankhamun - The Treasures of Egypt.

It's easy to forget the time and immerse yourself in history and our world.

Galleries include Prehistoric Life Gallery, Wild Nevada Gallery, Marine Life Gallery, Young Scientist Gallery, African Savanna Gallery, the African Rainforest, the International Wildlife Gallery, and an Early Man Exhibit.

They do change their exhibits every now and then, so if you only frequent Las Vegas once or twice a year, it won't seem repetitive to you. In fact, I go about every year and although some of the displays and exhibits look familiar, I still walk through with a grin of awe and wonder on my face.

I took a couple hundred pictures this last time; here are a few:


Rams and Antelope

Peccaries vs Rattlesnake

Ferocious Polar Bear

American Bison

Lion Taking Down a Wildebeest

Gigantic Alligator Jaw

Comparison: Great White Jaw vs Megalodon Jaw

Prehistoric Allosaurus

Ankylosaurus and Babies

Rocky Mountain Sheep
I'll show you pictures of some horny little animals in a few days.

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