Saturday, November 29, 2014

Papa Burn

Here's something you don't see in Hawaii: Black Bear Diner's Papa Burn Habanero hot sauce in a bottle.

I've been to many a Black Bear Diner, but the first time I tried their hot sauce was last year when I visited my grandson in the Bay Area of California.

"Papa Burn" sounded good, so I poured some on my omelet. Lordie, I should have "sprinkled" it on my omelet. That bugger was hot. Not oppressively hot, unless one over-applied ... which I did.

I teared up so much and had to take my baseball cap off before it sogged up with sweat. It was then that I learned they have three degrees of hot sauce: Papa Burn (my day's nemesis), Mama Burn, and Baby Burn.

I should have started off with the Baby Burn, ya think?

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