Sunday, June 15, 2014

View of an Accident Scene

Since we're still at Bally's Las Vegas (see last two posts), I should tell you about this.

After taking the room and out-the-window shots, I happened to look down from my 17th-floor room to the street below (Flamingo Boulevard), and the parking structure just east of the new Cromwell Hotel (where the Barbary Coast used to be).

Actually, I didn't really pay attention until I heard a fire siren wailing and saw two emergency vehicles shove their way down the street, cross the median strip and head back up to park in front of the garage entrance. Traffic was blocked for a while as they maneuvered into position, then one lane was opened to accommodate the dozens of cars that had stopped and waited.

It was then that I started paying attention, noticing that someone was lying in the driveway with people hovering over him. It looked as though a car and a cab had tangled (its right front fender was buckled). Or, perhaps the cab had struck a pedestrian as the driver was turning right into the garage.

Either way, the guy on the ground was in a bad way and was carted off into an ambulance and presumably taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

I tried to find out something/anything about the incident in the news and online, but to no avail.

What a way to start a vacation, no?

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