Saturday, June 7, 2014

Easter Brunch in San Jose

Yeah, yeah, I know ... Easter was nearly two months ago. I'd meant to write about our Easter brunch at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose much earlier, but circumstances colliding with laziness forced me to forestall that plan.

Suffice to say we had a nice bunch there. I'll write about the dining experience in early July in my "A Place for My Taste" blog (link in the right-hand column), so for now, I'll just post some pix taken outside of the brunch itself:

Beautiful Flowers at the Front Circle

Family Taking Pictures with the Easter Bunny

More Beautiful Flowers at the Front Circle

Activity Tents at the Mansion

Complimentary Lemonade
The food wasn't bad, Too bad you have to wait a month to read about what we had to eat (Wicked Evil Grin).

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