Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Raisin Raising Raison

I'm not a huge Bobby Flay fan, but I do enjoy watching his Brunch with Bobby series on The Cooking Channel (or is it the Food Channel? I forget). Why? Because he makes brunch dishes that include breakfast favorites done up in a more creative style.

A little while back, I had to stop the show, back up, freeze frame, and read what was on it, just to make sure I wasn't having vision problems.

The intro graphic that they showed promoted his rum raisin pancakes. Only they called it "RUM RAISON PANCAKES." Now, I only had two years of high school French, but I do know that "raison" is French for "reason" ... as in raison d'etre, or "reason for existence."

Is Bobby Flay trying to tell us that rum is the reason to have these pancakes? Huh? Huh?

I can't believe they made that mistake, that nobody caught it in proofreading. But there it is, forever indelibly stamped in my mind ... and now, yours.


casch said...

I understand! I catch "typo's" that run across the bottom of the screen.

Craig Miyamoto said...

You and I are cut from the same cloth, Carolyn!

~ Craig