Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter

It's a craze, I know.

Over the past year or so, one by one, my friends from Hawaii have been raving on FaceBook about Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. Trader Joe's, as you know, is a favorite spot in Las Vegas for Hawaii residents to shop for omiyage (gifts to bring back home after a trip).

So when the wife and I went to Trader Joe's in Fremont to get some mini-biscotti that family members like to munch on more than cookies, I saw a display pimping the cookie butter.

You know I had to buy a jar to try it and see what all the fuss is about.

You also know me ... forgetful. So there it sat on the kitchen table, right in front of my eyes every time I sat down to eat. For a long time. Two months, in fact. And I kept on saying I'd better give it a try. But did I try it? No.

Well, I finally did. You know what? It's pretty good. Not amazingly fabulously delicious the way my friends were raving about it, but pretty tasty. It acts like peanut butter in your mouth and tastes like cookies, smooth with a bit of a crunch. I had it with lavosh and toast. The jar recommends eating it with other stuff like crackers.

I'm thinking it might taste good on fresh, crisp apples. Or celery. Gonna have to try that. Hope I remember to do it soon.

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