Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nesbitt's Orange Soda

When I had breakfast at Stewart+Ogden in the new Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, on the wall directly in front of me was this poster.

Boy, did it bring back memories of opening one of those old-fashioned soda vending machines with bottles immersed in icy water, slipping a nickel into the slot, and pulling out a bottle of Nesbitt's Orange Soda. Y'know, the one with a bit of orange pulp inside.

How many of you remember Nesbitt's Orange Soda? It came in a funky rippled bottle and was a big competitor of Orange Crush in the late '30s, then surpassed its competition in the '40s and '50s.

Guess who was one of the models in its advertising ... Marilyn Monroe.

However, Fanta overtook it in popularity and Nesbitt's faded away. The Clorox Company (wha-a-a-at?) bought it in 1972; they then sold it to Moxie Industries (Monarch Beverages) of Atlanta three years later. Borden bought it in the '80s, then Big Red of Waco bought the trademark.

Big Red only promotes its Nesbitt's California Honey Lemonade, but hopefully someday they'll resurrect the California Orange.

'Til then, I'll be waiting.

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