Saturday, October 22, 2011

George Costanza Night at the Ballpark

You know who George Costanza is, right? He’s that nerdy, bespeckled male-pattern-balding guy on the old TV comedy series, Seinfeld. Yeah, that’s the guy … George.
If you’re a fan of the show, you might remember the 2003 episode where he decided to do just the opposite of every instinct he has. I mean, he recognized he was sometimes such a loser, and wanted to change it all. It worked – he got a girlfriend, his own place (finally), and his job with the New York Yankees.
And that’s where the Fort Myers Miracle – the Class A Advanced affiliate of the Minnesota Twins – comes in. They had a “George Constanza Night” at the ballpark, where they did everything opposite:
·         The scoreboard started in the 9th inning and ended in the 1st.
·         Did you park your car? They paid for your parking.
·         Box seats went for reserved seat prices.
·         The team wore their road uniforms.
·         The men’s and women’s restrooms were switched. (Yikes! The urinals!)
·         After the game, the players asked fans for their autographs.
I love minor league baseball promotions.

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